mHub in partnership with British Council Malawi, Tingathe and Institute of Imagination have pioneered the use of BBC #microbit, machine learning tool. A microbit is a pocket sized computer that enables children to learn basic #coding and programming skills. Microbit can be used to develop games, robots or musical instruments.

Three weeks ago the children of Mtandire were introduced to computers for the first time. Mtandire is a densely populated low-income per-urban area in Lilongwe with multiple limitations, including access to technology and digital skills. mHub trained 33 underprivileged children from this community on basic computer and #coding skills. The Hub further guided the children through idea generation and imaginative learning exercises.

On Saturday, the children got to put their skills to practice. mHub, British Council Malawi and Institute of Imagination hosted a #microbit Hackathon at mHub offices in Area 15. The children had a thrilling day of learning about the #globalgoals and the #microbit. They were challenged to identify problems in their society and create solutions by applying the #microbit technology. Through a series of imaginative learning exercises, they came up with designs and were supported to create prototypes.

Some of the inventions created at the Hackathon were; a windmill that improved access to water, a water purification system, a bully-alert system to stop school bullying, traffic lights to prevent road accidents just to mention a few. The children coded the #microbit to animate their inventions.

mHub, British Council Malawi and Institute of Imagination have pioneered the use of #microbit machine learning technology in Malawi. The technology has revolutionized the way coding is taught by introducing concepts of imaginative learning for children. With the microbit children will be able to code and bring their invention to life through fun exercises that engage their imagination. mHub will continue to use to support the children of Mtandire through computer lessons and further use #microbit in mHub’s Children’s Coding Club.